Season IV Exp #77 Could a hard workout and faith community bring you back with Brad Larson


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In this episode Luke talks to senior executive pastor Brad Larson. In his local church Brad contends for the hearts of the men who are apart of their Fight Clubs, Wed Workouts, Men's Nights, and Boot Camps under the umbrella of Every Man A Leader. Church isn't a game to him, in fact it's a fight he's been graced to fight, a grace to lead in. He has a deep compassion for men who simply need help but don't know what to do. He walks towards storms a man may be facing. Not because he can fix it but because he knows we can't face it alone. Even more he knows there is only one who can calm the storm within the storm, Jesus.

He has been on a 30 year journey of what it means to become the man God wants him to be. Being a father of 4 and a husband, he knows the price you must pay when you aren't leading yourself and living a surrendered life to God. He also knows the joy of redemption and living in God's Plan A. For Brad following Jesus is the only path to go on to become the man you know you can be.

For to long the "industry" of high performance, self help, and wellness has crushed faith communities, but not here. Brad helps us understand that even through a workout you can see the beauty of God and His creation. Being a high performer isn't a new concept, it's as old as the scriptures. So why not follow the Master of life? After all Jesus is the one who can show us how to live it to the fullest.

  • If you’re not growing you’re not progressing
  • Why do real men let go of their faith and turn back to their pain?
  • How can we get clear on what it means to walk with Jesus?
  • Definitions lead us to destinations, if the definition is wrong it will lead you to the wrong place
  • 307 questions where asked by Jesus, why does this matter?
  • How to reach the heart of men, we have to do something different
  • Why there's gravity to what's happening with the men of his faith community

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