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You know, sometimes living in a different country can feel lonely.
You’re far from your family. You’re far from your friends.
You’re in a new culture. You use a foreign language every day.
You miss some of the things–and the people–from back home.
It’s normal, even if you love your life in your new country (and I do!)
But sometimes, life reserves nice surprises for you! Like this...
My best friend from childhood (yes, from back in the US!) lives just 3 hours away from me, in France. And we did not plan that!
But the nice surprise doesn’t stop there. My best friend (Erin is her name) lives in the same city as Linda, one of the Expert Teachers here at Business English with Christina
Yes, Linda who runs the Friday Faster Fluency Conversation Club session and the private lessons that some of you are taking with us!
So when I went up to their city, of course, we had to get together and make a video, to share our friendship with you!
And in our conversation, we’ll talk about some of the big life projects that we’ve worked on, and how we stay motivated to continue doing them, even when it feels difficult.
I hope that our stories inspire you to continue building your own big projects!
If you don’t use it, you lose it!: Your Confidence Challenge for this week
Practice your English and share some good vibes with our community!
In the comments below, tell us:
“What’s a nice surprise that life gave you in the past?”
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