How to watch TV to improve your English


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In this episode, Christina and Linda talk about:

  • how they watch TV to learn a foreign language
  • to use subtitles or to not use subtitles
  • a bonus part about 'series'

The extra mile (useful English vocabulary you'll hear in the podcast):

  • to articulate = to pronounce distinctly; to express well in words
  • a play on words = manipulation of language to create humor
  • to go through = to examine (something)

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Hi guys, Christina here with your Faster Fluency Conversation Club podcast. And today I am with Linda. Linda, how are you feeling today?


I'm good. I'm having some small problems with my allergies, but overall good. So hopefully everyone can still understand me.


We'll work through it. I would say maybe it'll probably be easier to understand you than it is to understand movies and television in English. So I think we should be good.


Yes. I am still articulating more than many people do on the TV shows. So yeah, it should be okay.


I think we'll be good. And I think I'm pretty proud of my transition into the subject of today's podcast, because that's what we're going to talk about there is how to watch TV with the goal of improving your English. Because a lot of people, myself included, enjoy learning languages through Netflix or movies or anything like that. But I don't know if your students tell you this, but I hear a lot of people when I say like, "Oh, what are you doing to work on your English?"

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