321: Adam Bryant - The CEO Test: 7 Things to Determine How Well You are Leading Your Companye


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The CEO Test is a list of 7 questions written by Adam Bryant to help you reflect and evaluate yourself in how well you are performing in your current leadership role. Let’s face it, being a top leader is a tough job. There are lots of pressures, challenges, and responsibilities that you carry alone. From time to time, we need to reevaluate ourselves whether we are staying competent and effective in our current roles.

Adam Bryant shares the many different challenges that top CEOs face and how you can face these challenges and navigate through them. He's interviewed over 600 CEOs, and you'll be surprised to know that these challenges are hardly unique to top executives.

If you're discouraged and disengaged, I want to help you to be hopeful. I'd like to encourage you to learn from the wisdom and experience from these top executives and how you can learn from them and apply them in your current leadership role.

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