Chris DeMakes - Singer/ Songwriter (Less Than Jake)


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Chris DeMakes
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Chris DeMakes. Chris is the lead singer and guitar player for the ska-punk band Less Than Jake. In this episode we chat about how the band started, why they chose that style of music, and some of the cool things they were able to do as a result of the band's success. Less Than Jake has played more Van's Warped Tour shows than any other artist, and I ask Chris tons of questions about it. We discuss what exactly it means to be a "sell out", & how they managed to keep vinyl rights for every album no matter the record label. Chris put together a book during covid called Blast From The Past, so l ask him about that. Then we dive right into Chris' songwriting and how he has turned that into a full blown business. Finally, I grill him about his podcast "Chris DeMakes A Podcast" where he & a songwriting guest break down one of that guest's biggest hit songs. From the lyrics, to the melody, to the strange instruments used on the track; they really get into these songs.
Check out Chris' podcast everywhere you find podcasts, and if YOU need a song written by Chris, he gives that contact email toward the end of the episode.

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