18 WR & TE Breakout Candidates: Why Mike Evans Will Break the TD Record (Ep. 899)


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We're back to share our thoughts on which wide receivers have the highest breakout potential! We give you breakouts that you can find at every phase in your draft -- the early, middle, and late rounds! Who is primed to excel in 2022? The 'Pros will tell you!


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WR Breakouts - 0:02:59 Derek's 1st Breakout WR - 0:03:23 Andrew's 1st Breakout WR - 0:05:50 Davante Adams - 0:09:02 Derek's 2nd Breakout WR - 0:10:53 Andrew's 2nd Breakout WR - 0:13:20 Derek's 3rd Breakout WR - 0:17:35 Andrew's 3rd Breakout WR - 0:20:48 Derek's 4th Breakout WR - 0:24:59 Andrew's 4th Breakout WR - 0:27:54 Derek's 5th Breakout WR - 0:31:08 Andrew's 5th Breakout WR - 0:35:48 Derek's 6th Breakout WR - 0:37:18 Andrew's 6th Breakout WR - 0:38:56 TE Breakouts - 0:40:41 Andrew's 1st Breakout TE - 0:40:46 Derek's 1st Breakout TE - 0:43:16 Andrew's 2nd Breakout TE - 0:46:03 Derek's 2nd Breakout TE - 0:48:24 Andrew's 3rd Breakout TE - 0:49:53 Derek's 3rd Breakout TE - 0:52:04 Listener Mailbag - 0:56:59 Is this year's RB dead zone really that dead? - 0:57:10

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