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You know that growing your email list can be an important key to building your business. But do you have it set up so that you're also building trust with new subscribers? And how can you use is effectively to work with your family's hectic and sometimes unpredictable schedule?

In this episode you'll learn:

  • The #1 email automation to set up first
  • How to choose the right email marketing platform for your business
  • How to ensure you stay top of mind with your email list -- even if it's been months since you sent out a live newsletter

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Meet Bev Feldman

Love your business but hate dealing with your email marketing platform? That's where Bev Feldman from Your personal Tech Fairy comes in.

Bev helps service-based solopreneurs to build seamless automations on ConvertKit so that you can save time, have energy to help your clients, and increase opportunities to earn money from your business without using icky-feeling marketing techniques.

Bev loves geeking out on technology, and getting online platforms to fit together like a puzzle so that you can nurture relationships through email while you focus your time & energy on the parts of the business that light you up.

Connect with Bev:

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I'm committed to building an inclusive and anti-racist business. I support LGBTQIA+ rights and the rights of all intersectional identities. I believe that business should be a force for dismantling systems of oppression and actively invest in my own learning to fulfill this role.

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