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A podcast that brings personality type models into parenting! Sandra is a Family Type Practitioner, certified in Myers-Briggs personality type for both adults and children. Em is a mom, lawyer, "accidental politician" and personality type enthusiast. Together, they explore how MBTI, Enneagram and other personality type models can help you parent more peacefully and compassionately.If you are wondering why your kids, teens, your spouse and your parenting partner do the things they do and how you can understand them on a deeper level, then this is the podcast for you. This podcast takes it beyond generic personality type quizzes and assessments and will help you figure out your child’s or teenager’s personality type and everyone in your family. Knowing your kids’ personality type can help you better communicate with them, understand how they are best motivated and really help you change the way your see your family. Sandra and Em are not only into personality type models but also believe in gentle, empathetic and positive discipline approaches with their own children, and find that personality type helps them accomplish a healthy attachment style for their kids. Join us to discuss Introversion, Extraversion, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, Judging and Perceiving and all of the cognitive functions in Myers-Briggs. The podcast will sometimes mix in other models like love languages, the Kolbe Index, DISC, true colors and HSP, to name a few! Anything that can help us better understand our kids and our whole family is welcome. If you’re looking for self growth, self understanding and a way to improve your parenting - come join the family! Personality type is especially great for homeschoolers because it helps you understand how your homeschool child best learns. It’s great for unschoolers because unschooling parents understand that true learning comes from intrinsic motivation and they want their kids to build a life that really honors their individuality instead of trying to fit them into the traditional school box. It’s great for stay home moms and dads and working moms and dads alike. The show also helps you in your adult relationships, whether it’s your marriage you’re looking to improve or the relationship with your co-parent. You can understand how to best communicate with one another and understand whether the other person is coming from, leading to a more cooperative and peaceful partnership. This show is a great fit for: introverts, extraverts, INTJ ENTJ INFJ ENFJ INTP ENTP INFP ENFP ISTJ ESTJ ISFJ ESFJ ISTP ESTP ISFP ISTP And of course for Enneagram type 1, Enneagram type 2, Enneagram type 3, Enneagram type 4, Enneagram type 5, Enneagram type 6, Enneagram type 7, Enneagram type 8, Enneagram type 9 Come join The Family!

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