Episode 56: What’s in Your Cup? A Cup of Coffee/Tea and a Conversation with Bill Smith, Royal Cup Coffee & Tea and Double Iron Consulting


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Our guest today is Bill Smith. Bill Smith has been involved with his family business for over 30 years. Royal Cup Coffee & Tea has been in his family since his grandfather bought the company in 1950. In 2014, Bill was promoted to the President and CEO role, following his uncle and moving the guidance of the business to him as a third-generation leader. Bill launched Double Iron Consulting in 2021 to serve and help small to medium-sized businesses and family business owners and executives clarify and achieve their goals. He understands what it’s like to be in their position and knows the care that goes into a business, especially when it’s a family business.

In this episode of Family Business Today, Bill will share:

  • His grandfather’s passion for buying, owning, and running a business, which started the Smith family legacy in Royal Cup Coffee & Tea

  • How his 25 years in the family business began with learning how to roast coffee at 16 and lead to his work in the company’s national infrastructure

  • The value of providing immersion opportunities to the next generation when it comes to learning and developing passion for the family business

  • How important it is for a family business to respect both the family aspect and the business aspect when growing the company

  • How family business owners need to give themselves the time to successfully transition their business to avoid reactive or rushed transition

  • And more…

To learn more about Bill and his business Double Iron Consulting, visit www.doubleironconsulting.com/.

At the Tennessee Center for Family Business our passion is to help business owners create a positive environment in which their family THRIVES, their business performs and working together create a lasting family legacy. To learn more about the Tennessee Center for Family Business visit www.tncfb.com.

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Until next time, There’s No Business Like Family Business…..We Know!

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