"What Are Christians For?" w/Jake Meador


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We know what we're saved from, but what are we saved for? Join us today as Faithful Host Josh interviews Jake Meador, editor in chief of Mere Orthodoxy as we talk through his book “What are Christians For?” Where we take an in depth look at what Christianity could look like in our new culture today.
Bio from Jake Meador:
I’m a fourth-generation Nebraskan and lifelong Lincolnite. I studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, finishing a BA in English and History in 2010. I wrote my thesis about Kwame Nkrumah, a mid-20th century Ghanaian politician. In the time since then, I’ve written about place, politics, culture, and the ways that Christian faith speaks to all of the various questions that those topics raise.

My writing has appeared in First Things, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, Commonweal, Front Porch Republic, National Review and Fare Forward. My primary online home is at Mere Orthodoxy, where I serve as the editor-in-chief. I am the author of two books, In Search of the Common Good: Christian Fidelity in a Fractured World and What are Christians for?: Life Together at the End of the World. I also have the pleasure of serving as a contributing editor with Plough and as a board member with the Davenant Institute.

When I am not working, I enjoy following Premier League soccer (my team is Tottenham Hotspur), college football (go big red), attempting various cooking and baking projects at home, and spending time with my wife, Joie, and our four kids. We are members in a local PCA church, which has been my denominational home since 2007.

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