Understanding what causes dizziness after brain injury with Dr. Perry Maynard


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Dr. Perry Maynard is a board certified chiropractic neurologist that specializes in the management of complex neurological cases, including post concussive syndrome, vertigo, balance disorders, movement disorders, dysautonomia, and a variety of autoimmune conditions. Dr. Maynard also enjoys taking principles from cutting edge neuroscience and applying it to sports rehabilitation and overall human performance. Dr. Maynard first became interested in neurological rehabilitation after playing Division 1 college football for Eastern Illinois University, where he experienced multiple concussions and witnessed friends and teammates suffering without answers or options for treatment. Dr. Maynard began chiropractic school with a strong interest in both clinical neuroscience and sports medicine. Throughout his education, he was fortunate to intern with several neurorehabilitation clinics. this episode is brought to you by Integrated Brain Centers Enjoying this podcast? Consider supporting it for $5 a month with a Patreon membership: www.patreon.com/amyzellmer

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