Greatest Hits: Considerations For Moving Abroad w/ Queen D Michele


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I am so excited to talk with my guest, Queen Michele, on today's episode because she is all about getting others to move abroad just like she did. Queen retired at the age of 52 and moved to Mexico as a single, middle-aged retiree, and began her journey of self-discovery with no end in sight. She now wakes up with a smile on her face and joy in her heart every single day!

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In This Episode
  • 03:30 A Multi-Layered Lady
  • 05:30 Planning To Move Abroad
  • 10:00 Prior Travel & The Emotions Of Leaving
  • 13:30 Checklist For The New Location
  • 15:30 Research
  • 25:30 Reactions From Family & Friends
  • 33:50 Finding Accommodations
  • 38:15 Hardest Part Of Living Abroad
  • 45:30 What You Need To Consider Prior To Moving
  • 49:00 Considering Finances

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