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The Extra Effort Forum is a radio show which features various guests including: celebrities, artists, authors, small business owners, public speakers, consultants, and other influential personalities whom will discuss methods, efforts and best practices to achieve higher level performance in every aspect of professional, personal and community life. The Forum focus is birthed from a fundamental foundation: 212 °, the extra degree of effort, a concept introduced through the works of Mac Anderson, Founder, Simple Truths and Successories. 212 °, the extra degree of effort, is very simple in nature: At 211 degrees, water gets hot, at 212 degrees, water boils, when water boils it turns to steam, and steam can power a locomotive. It is that one extra degree of effort which makes all the difference. Having an extra effort mindset, can push even the most ordinary person to do great things.
Each week we will utilize this space as the platform to discuss next level, extra effort performance for reaching goals, slaying dragons, and achieving success. Our goal is to inform, instigate, ignite, and influence our listeners to move past their comfort zone, take some strategic risk, to achieve at the highest levels. Yes, We Can!

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