Bridge Of Dragons


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“Welcome to the revolution!”

Over the years, Dolph Lundgren has starred in plenty of big budget action films like Universal Soldier and The Expendables films. Now, Exploding Helicopter could have reviewed one of the Swedish muscleman’s more prestigious outings, but that’d be boring. Instead we’re looking at the under-the-radar classic, Bridge Of Dragons (1999).

Joining Will on this episode is Sweden’s second greatest muscle guy, Fred Andersson from Schmollywood Babylon and The Human Centipod.

Show notes

Bridge Of Dragons (1999)

Director: Isaac Florentine

Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Gary Hudson

Plot: An evil General seeks to quash a popular uprising by marrying the daughter of the ruler he murdered. But when his bride absconds, the dictator sends a loyal soldier to recapture her triggering a series of events that lead to his downfall.

Episode 107.

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