Expanded Perspectives Classic Rewind: Lyle Blackburn


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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives Classic Rewind we’re going all the way back to November 25, 2013, when we spoke with author, researcher, fellow Texan, and friend Lyle Blackburn about two of his books The Beast of Boggy Creek and The Lizard Man of Scrape Ore Swamp!

During his research, Lyle has often explored the remote reaches of the southern U.S. in search of shadowy creatures said to inhabit the dense backwoods and swamplands of these areas. He’s a real hands-on guy. When he’s not investigating these mysterious legends, he is also the frontman and founder of the rock band Ghoultown!

He’s written many books and appeared on many television shows like Monsters & Mysteries in America, Finding Bigfoot, the CBS Morning Show, and some Small Town Monsters documentaries.
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