“Naming a Successor? That’s A Bit Difficult" Ft. Elizabeth Carr Ph. D. and Cherie Morris J.D


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We’re excited to have with us guests Elizabeth Carr Ph.D, and Attorney Cherie Morris.
Elizabeth is the founder of Kentlands Psychotherapy which she launched in 2005 after serving six years as a Navy Clinical Psychologist. She continues to see some existing clients…but her role is now mostly one of leadership, administration, mentoring, and supervision of interns.
Cherie is a lawyer and now a full-time conflict coach and transformational mediator. She is a student of relationships and has expertise in advising individuals and couples on communication and co-parenting…as well as helping families and small businesses resolve conflict.
You can learn more about Cherie at www.Recompose.Us.
Want to learn more? Go to: ennislp.com

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