Episode 178 - The Science of the Lane Change


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The topic for this week's episode is the science of the lane change.

If you have been to an Advanced Driving, EVOC, or Protective Driver Training Program, you have driven through a Lane Change exercise. It is a staple of most all driving programs.

Over the years, feedback from former students indicates that the "Lane Change" exercise is one of the most important, if not the most important exercise, in a protective driving program. The comment we hear often is that the Lane Change instills life-saving skills.

The old Scotti School and now VDI call it the Lane Change exercise, but it has different names depending on the training provider. Names like - Evasive Maneuver, Accident Avoidance, or Swerve to Avoid. No matter the exercise's name, they all have the same basic characteristics that are essential to all Protective Driving training programs.

The purpose of the Lane Change is to simulate an unexpected event that can occur anytime, anyplace, and with a minimum amount of time to react. As the student approaches the exercise, they know they will need to make a decision. The Lane Change exercise is not unexpected; the driver knows that a decision needs to be made, so the exercise is not a complete surprise.

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