Leading Through Reinvention and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Chantalle Butler


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The brewery and beverage industries have been undergoing reinvention as consumer demands and sustainability practices have changed over the last several years. That makes for a lot of challenges but also a ton of excitement and opportunity. On this episode, we sit down with Chantalle Butler, Chief Financial Officer of Molson Coors Canada and discuss her rise through the ranks of CPG and finance, leading teams, and imposter syndrome.

Other topics include:

  • How routine helps her both in her professional and personal life
  • Why Jim Collins' "Good to Great" is her favourite book on leadership
  • What excites her the most about the CPG and brewery industry right now
  • How having cross-functional experience in retail and auditing has helped her in her career
  • What leaders can do to actively guide through reinvention
  • What it means to be the first woman to be Chair of The Beer Store
  • How she managed her imposter syndrome in both her personal and work life
  • Why she didn't view being a woman as a barrier in her career
  • The most important leadership quality that has served her in her career

About Chantalle: With more than 20 years in the Consumer Packaged Goods and food production industry as a finance executive, Chantalle forged her way up through mostly male-dominant businesses, never hindered nor limited by notions of positions a female typically occupies. With her newly added scope as Chair of the TBS Board of Directors, she and her 15-member Board are entrusted to understand and act upon consumer demand from product innovation through to shopper experience. Her commitment to reinforcing environmental stewardship and social responsibility coupled with her financial vision will also drive renewed priorities for the retailer.

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