EEC 156: The Healing Powers of Animals during COVID with Dr. Elena Pezzini


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Dr. Katrina Burrus talks with Dr. Elena Pezzini about her approach using animals to help leaders maximize their profits and increase their free time while reducing the stress in their lives. She covers the following questions as she shares her techniques.

  • How can a pet help executives to have more balance in their lives?
  • How can you help executives with stress reduction through connecting with pets?
  • How can you exercise your leadership with animals?
Who is Dr. Elena Pezzini?

Elena Pezzini, PhD, is the founder and CEO of You Have Got The Power, Inc. and manages the non profit foundation, You Got The Power, 501c3.

Elena's vision is the commitment to make this world a better place to live, for ourselves and the generations to come: houses for all people and animals, training and education, financial training, human rights for everyone; and a clean, ecological, sustainable land for all of us!

Elena and her team use positive psychology, coaching, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, masterminding, mentoring, consulting and neuro-linguistic programming training, to help all her clients from all 5 continents to make their dreams come true and achieve their full potential, that will allow them to live life positively by breaking and overcoming their fears.

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