EEC 145: Why Do Finances and Relationships Go Hand in Hand with Kiné Corder


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Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC interviews Kiné Corder, and here are the nuggets that came out from the interview.

  • Katrina asked what do all peak performers have in common that affects their relationships
  • Why does Kiné see finances and relationships go hand in hand? Does the search for wealth denote a lack of finding meaning in what they do or does it fulfill a void that the relationship has not been able to fulfill?
  • Katrina asks what can be done to do the necessary changes and what is controllable?
  • How can your definition of wealth derail you and how can you redefine your idea of wealth?
  • Katrina asks her favorite question, which is, what necessary to coach/teach people effectively?
Who is Kiné Corder?

Kiné spent over 15 years in financial services before making the shift to therapy, and since money is still the number one reason couples get divorced, Kiné has really dedicated her life to helping people redefine their idea of wealth and find more meaning in their lives.

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