EBB 229 - Evidence on Doulas: Community-based Model, the Pandemic, and Reimbursement with the EBB Research Team


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In today's episode, hosted by the EBB Research Team, we are sharing the audio from a private livestream we did with our Pro Members at Evidence Based Birth. We talk about three major topics related to updated research evidence on doulas: 1) research on the pandemic's effect on the doula profession around the world, 2) research on the difference between community-based doulas and private or traditional doulas, and 3) new info on paying or getting reimbursement for doula care in the U.S. [NOTE FOR LIBSYN ONLY]: This podcast is also posted on our YouTube channel in case you want to access the video of our team teaching, and a screenshare of some of the evidence we're talking about! As a content note, this episode includes discussion of COVID-19, racism, and how a lack of postpartum coverage is in some cases tied to the same places that have abortion bans. Today's episode is taught by Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN (she/her), Ihotu Ali, MPH (she/her), and Erin Wilson, MPH (she/her). Dr. Dekker is a nurse with her PhD who is the founder and CEO of EBB. Ihotu is a community-based doula, Maya abdominal massage therapist, doctoral student in chiropractic medicine, director of the Oshun Center for Intercultural Healing, and Research Editor at EBB. Erin is a clinical researcher, doula, childbirth educator, policy advocate, and Research Editor at EBB. Together, we will share with you some research we were compiling about the evidence on doula care! Content warning: Discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic, racism, and how a lack of postpartum Medicaid coverage is in some cases tied to the same places that are issuing abortion bans. Resources:

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