Episode 76: Is Reading the Best Way to Learn a Language? WIth Olly Richards


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Recorded in lockdown last year, I've been saving this one - Olly Richards is a linguistic powerhouse. What better person to ask about language learning?

Do your students read? Do they dislike reading? Why? Olly gives you real food for thought on this fascinating episode. We covered so much ground. This episode may well change your approach to reading and you may want to give it more priority. But Erin, isn't speaking and listening the best thing to do? Possibly, but this episode will give you a valuable insight into learning through reading, what extensive reading is, and its benefits.

We also discuss the age-old question: do students really need teachers?

This episode is gold. Dive in and be inspired!

Olly Richards is a teacher, author, speaker and language learner. He promotes the use of reading to learn languages and has a podcast and regular blog on his website. Check him out on his website:

https://storylearning.com/ (the name has changed since this episode was recorded)

https://www.youtube.com/c/OllyRichards for a literal donkeyload of useful content

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