279. William Edmundson on Getting the Right Things Done in Your Coworking Business using EOS


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William Edmundson brings a unique background to today’s coworking industry. He has roots in hospitality, he’s been deeply involved in C-Suite level operations and marketing for leading hotel and coworking franchise brands. William was recently the COO of Office Evolution, one of the largest operators in the coworking industry, and the Global Workspace Association Executive Director.

One of his passions, which grew out of the success he had with the system at Office Evolution and the GWA, is growing businesses using EOS.

In this episode, we get into:

  • William’s unique background combining hospitality, franchising, and coworking
  • A couple of case studies on the success he’s had applying the EOS to coworking businesses
  • What size/stages of businesses can benefit from EOS
  • How EOS can help keep visionary founders focused on driving results

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