How to Be With Reality with Holly Krepps


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Today on the Everything Belongs Podcast, Madison is in conversation with Holly Krepps. Holly is the Founder and Co-Owner of Circle Yoga Shala, an Internationally Accredited Yoga Therapy Center, and Wisdom School for Transformation. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist and an E-RYT with the National Yoga Alliance. She has trained and developed teachers both at home and abroad for the last twenty-two years. She is also a graduate of Father Richard Rohr's Living School, a non-dual contemplative wisdom school. Holly's understanding of Yoga as an integrative system has led to unique opportunities such as being a consultant for the Czech Republic's Olympic Women's Beach Volleyball team. Her facilitation with these athletes, as well as private clients, and yoga teachers-in-training focuses on discovering patterns of habitual behavior that interfere with the flow state, the generative ground of creativity, vitality, and intelligent responses. This all began when she unintentionally stepped onto a spiritual journey at 27, having hit a dark bottom. She was a single mother with a two-year-old at the time. Since then, Holly has had the privilege of sitting with spiritual giants who knew how to turn her back to herself. Holly says she leads a full and content life that is a result of fearless sensitive living and radical acceptance of what is. In this episode, Madison and Holly speak on her spiritual awakening, surrender and the journey of what it means to be with reality, what projection is, why reality is more manageable than the stories we place on top of them and so much more…

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