Ep. 174 Identifying and Treating Your Children's Mental Health: How We Can Be Their Greatest Support with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge


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I am happy to have a good friend and an incredible pediatric advocate joining me today! Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is a mental health trailblazer! She is the founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health, and a media expert, who is changing how we view and treat children’s mental health. Her work has helped thousands reverse the most challenging conditions, including ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, Lyme Disease, and PANS/PANDAS, using proven holistic therapies. Dr. Roseann has often been featured on dozens of media outlets.

The impact of the pandemic is undeniable. It has brought about a lot of change globally and has created many new challenges for everyone. Parents are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, and the landscape for children has altered considerably over the last fifteen or sixteen months. Children have been impacted from an academic, social, and even a psychological perspective. As a result, we are experiencing a surge in mental health problems across America in children of all ages.

In this episode, Dr. Roseann talks about how stress is affecting us as parents and explains what we can do to support our children. She also shares some stats and explains what parents need to look out for regarding anxiety, depression, and suicide in young people. Stay tuned for more!


  • Some signs of chronic stress or anxiety in our children that we, as parents, need to look out for.
  • Things you can do to benefit your children’s mental health.
  • Maternal mental health is the number one predictor of children’s mental health.
  • Dr. Roseann explains how to help your kids create the inner confidence and resilience they need to succeed in life.
  • Using stress to develop resilience.
  • Teaching your kids coping skills and stress tolerance.
  • There are benefits to experiencing failure.
  • Dr. Roseann talks about neurofeedback and biofeedback and explains what they do for our brains.
  • How to limit your kids’ screen-time during the pandemic.
  • Some signs and symptoms of long-term effects of COVID.

Dr. Roseann's Bio:

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is a trailblazing Psychologist, Pediatric Mental Health Expert, and the founder and director of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health and Dr. Roseann and Associates. Her Connecticut-based center has helped thousands of children and adults reverse the most challenging conditions such as ADHD, Autism, anxiety, depression, concussion, learning disability, Lyme Disease, and PANS/PANDAS.

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