Ep. 176 Hormonal Imbalances, Testosterone Deficiency In Women! The Role of Testosterone in Women with Dr. Kyrin Dunston


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I am happy to have Dr. Kyrin Dunston back on the show today! Dr. Kyrin was with me before in Episode 119: Master Midlife and Stop the Menopause Madness. I invited her to join me once again today to take a deeper dive into the topic of testosterone in women.

Dr. Kyrin Dunston is a leading OBGYN & Functional Medicine Expert. She has been featured on numerous podcasts and summits on NBC, Fox, Great Day Washington, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, Best Self, and more. She is the host of Her Brilliant Health Revolution Podcast and Her Brilliant Health Secrets YouTube channel, which gives women the knowledge, tools, and support they need to take control of their health and not only heal but to thrive in life.

In this episode, we discuss the role of testosterone in women. Dr. Kyrin explains why there is so much ambiguity around testosterone and why it is a controlled substance. She talks about where testosterone is produced in the body, how we test for it, the signs of low testosterone, and how to treat it. She also talks about hormonal illiteracy in traditional allopathically-trained providers, explains how to advocate for your hormonal health, and shares some information about women who have had their ovaries removed in conjunction with a hysterectomy.

Testosterone is a misunderstood sex hormone that is intricately related to almost every system in the body. Tune in today to learn all you need to know about testosterone in women and find out why it is vital for you to advocate for your health when navigating midlife.


  • What does testosterone do in the body?
  • How medical gaslighting happens with women.
  • Why you can no longer allow your health care provider to have all the control of your hormonal health.
  • Why is there so much ambiguity and misinformation around testosterone for women?
  • Some of the more common signs of low testosterone levels.
  • Why a good sex life is vital for a woman’s health.
  • The function of the ovaries.
  • What happens to women who have had their ovaries removed in conjunction with their uterus?
  • Why there is no shame in women taking hormone replacement therapy.
  • Is there any benefit to women ten years into menopause taking hormone replacement therapy?
  • The pros and cons of various forms of testosterone supplement administration.

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