Preparing for Western States 100 With Arlen Glick


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Often times, there are runners who seem to take the competitive field by storm; winning a ton of races and doing so in impressive times. And today’s guest definitely falls into that category, as he’s been racking up tons of wins in the ultra scene over the past year.

His resume includes winning the 2021 Javelina Jundred to secure his Golden Ticket into Western States 100, winning the Mochican 100 miler, winning the Burning River 100 miler, and winning the Umstead 100 miler.

Today’s guest is the amazing Arlen Glick! Arlen is an ultrarunner hailing from the great state of Ohio, and is one of the most well known ultra runners from that area. He is currently getting ready to race in this weekend’s Western States 100, as it is his first time toeing the line in Olympic Valley for the legendary race.

In this episode, Arlen shares how he progressed so quickly in the world of ultrarunning, stories on how he was able to pull off massive comebacks in an ultramarathon, and how he’s preparing for Western States 100.

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