#106 - Be the author of your own ambition


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If I’m honest, a big reason I got (and have stayed) off Instagram since June 2020 is because I’m easily influenced by other’s ambitions.

As I would scroll my feed, passively watching post after post go by of someone’s perfectly curated version of success, I’d find myself wanting things I hadn’t ever considered wanting or second-guessing the plans and desires I’d already thought were iron clad.

It took me way too long to realize that spending time engaging in other people’s plans inevitably warped my own, leaving me in idea limbo more times than I’d like to admit.

Finally, I decided I’d had enough.

Maybe it was the clarifying effects of the pandemic or perhaps it was just the compounding impact of Instagram’s algorithms, but on June 17, 2020 I posted for the last time.

And in that moment, I made a commitment to act on my own ambitions by doing all that I could to reduce the noise and influence of everyone else’s.

I haven’t looked back (well, mostly).

Has it helped you might wonder?

Listen in to hear more.

Enjoy the episode.

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