#105 - A behind-the-scenes look at LEAD.Well


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Leadership is a practice, not a position.

This is our guiding principle inside LEAD.Well, my community of practice for women looking to become better, braver everyday leaders.

What began as essentially a paid newsletter has now become a thoughtful, curious community of practice for women and non-binary folks to reflect, develop and practice their leadership.

Today, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes, sharing about LEAD.Well’s origin story, how it’s changed and evolved over the years (thanks pandemic!), and what it looks like today.

The doors are open for our spring enrolment until May 2, 2022 as we kick-off our new Leadership Essentials program inside LEAD.Well on May 3rd.

If you’ve been curious about whether LEAD.Well is right for you, this episode will give you a complete look at what we do inside LEAD.Well, why it matters and who this community is right for.

And if you’re ready to join us, you can do so right here.

Enjoy the episode!

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