#129 How to scale 0-100(!)M ARR quickly with Martin Giese, Coach & Advisor & Investor


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Martin Giese is a B2B Startup Sales legend that interviewed many hypergrowth scaleups such as Personio, SAP Hybris, LeanIX & many more for "Fast Forward: Accelerating B2B sales for startups".

👉 Here are 3 Insights from him on how to scale 0-100(!) million ARR quickly on our Europe’s B2B SaaS Sales Podcast (1st comment)

1️⃣ Increase your prices with confidence

Go to your pricing page and increase prices by 20%.

You could charge (way) more without losing deals.

Most startups don’t price aggressively enough.

2️⃣ Emphasise NRR - Net Revenue Retention

Achieving negative churn starts with your mindset that closing a deal is only the start.

How the revenue from your existing customers evolves is quintessential in SaaS.

Aim for 100%, if you have >200% Martin would like to get involved, so write him.

3️⃣ Scaling 10->100M ARR is also a mindset

Personio’s founder Hanno Renner decided to raise his 2019 VC round in the US.

Because no VC in DACH had the track record & ambition to think this big.

Why not hire 10x the people you do today if you believe it works?

4️⃣ You can’t afford to not fix your bottlenecks - like churn

If churn is not under control, you will reach stagnation mode sooner or later.

Fixing 1% of churn is equal to fix 10% of your sales performance.

This also means getting the fundamentals & more right.

5️⃣ If in analysis-paralysis, validate hypotheses quickly

You cannot afford NOT to take decisions regularly on an ongoing basis.

If unsure, look for ways how to assess your past data “experiments”.

Then define inexpensive, fast hypotheses to validate for the future.

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