#128 Why to write & sell like you speak normally with Jan Mundorf, AE@Pleo & Tech Sales Ambassador


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Jan’s getting job offers for 3x the money he is making today - rejecting them all.

Because he’s prioritising People, Product & Personal Development before money (now).

👉 Here are 3 Insights from him on our Europe’s B2B SaaS Sales Podcast (1st comment)

1️⃣ Write like you speak

Jan validates his outreach with his growth manager, reading it on a mobile phone & more.

Then being relentless about A/B testing if the system is running reasonably well.

And never forget: Write like you speak, keep it natural, don’t overthink it.

Have a “Player instead of Prisoner” mindset to put humans first.

2️⃣ Professionalise your sales stack

Jan is using best of breed tools across the whole sales stack:

- Salesloft for Sales Engagement top funnel
- Lusha / Lead IQ for data gathering
- Chili Piper for meeting scheduling
- Gong / Unique for call reviews

- Reachdesk for small gifts

3️⃣ Attract & retain top sales talent: People, Product, Personal Development

Pleo raised 9-figures at a Unicorn valuation, growing 300 -> 700 people in 4 months.

Especially at hypergrowth, Pleo is “values first” and emphasises that in hiring.

In a company which is “going places”, in a space that is scaling quickly.

Jan’s priority in life is learning from people he love’s working with.

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