Media Partnership: The EU Methane Regulation after RePowerEU - How energy security and methane action go hand in hand


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In late 2021, the European Commission proposed the Methane Regulation, the first EU-wide legislation aimed at cutting methane emissions. As reducing methane emissions is crucial to slow down global warming, the EU should lead by the example and adopt ambitious requirements to address methane emissions in the energy sector. Since December 2021, however, the file has stalled in the European Parliament while ambitious measures found limited support or interest in the Council of the European Union. The Ukraine war also changed the energy discussions in Europe.

Both institutions are set to release their preliminary approaches to the file soon. This event is designed to highlight the importance of the regulation and the measures needed to reduce domestic and international methane emissions, and to reflect on the radical shifts in the European policy landscape as a result of the Ukraine situation and the Commission’s RePowerEU plan in response.

The event will bring together civil society, industry and policymakers into moderated panel discussions.

Organised by: Clean Air Task Force
Media Partner: EURACTIV

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