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The Essentially PRUdent Podcast chronicles our present station in this multiverse - the goings back and forth as we constantly experiment to reach the 'ever after' we desire and deserve. Each week, join your host Madz Lim, as we all go over, around, or under life's roadblocks. Let's have a cuppa over discussions with experts on family and health, make finance personal, and relax with lifestyle chit-chat. Get ready for CHIKA SA LABADA - ain't like in a laundromat, but more of when people washed clothes in the batis (streams). ANO NA NAMAN YAN?! Product Reviews and New Discoveries - yup, took the words straight from the hubby's mouth. And, and, and... WHAT THE FUDGE!? FINANCE – coz even if it sometimes fudges us over, our financial choices make a deep and lasting difference in how comfortable we can be! RSVP. Attire is NOT always formal *wink!*

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