How ESG is becoming 'table stakes' for private equity


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In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of interest in ESG investing, and private equity firms are part of that growing trend.

In this episode of ESG Insider, we sit down with Lisa Hall, Impact Chair at Apollo Global Management. Apollo is one of the largest investing firms in the U.S. and pursues a number of strategies ranging from investment grade debt to private equity. Lisa talks about how ESG is becoming "table stakes" across industries and investment strategies.

She also explains how Apollo's new private equity impact investing strategy aims to fill ESG financing gaps in education, health, safety, wellness and economic opportunity.

"We very clearly are providing services and products that certain markets have not traditionally had access to," Lisa says. "That additionality and focus on underserved markets is something that we haven't explicitly or intentionally done in the traditional flagship funds that we are doing with a great deal of intention in the impact strategy."

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