A new economic model for the climate change era


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Stakeholder capitalism — the idea that companies are responsible to a wide range of stakeholders in addition to shareholders — was a big focus at the last iteration of Davos, the annual meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum that brings together global leaders from governments, business and academia in Switzerland.

In 2022, Davos is scheduled to take place the week of May 22. Ahead of that event, we’re talking with Bruno Roche, the former Mars Inc. chief economist who founded the Economics of Mutuality platform. In this episode of the ESG Insider podcast, Bruno outlines a new approach to corporate performance measurement and accounting.

"Fifty years ago, financial capital was scarce, but natural resources were overly abundant. Today, it's just the opposite — financial capital is overly abundant and natural resources are scarce," Bruno tells us in this episode of the ESG Insider podcast. "Yet our economic model has not changed. So there is something wrong."

Bruno proposes a total rethink of corporate purpose to an approach that is more focused on a wide range of stakeholders. "The purpose of business is about creating scalable and profitable solutions to the problems of people and planet — not profiting from creating problems," he says.

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