The Pit | 2.12


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After learning mind blowing details about Ally (Camilla) and why she tried to rescue Noah, Sara turns over a new leaf and chooses to trust someone new people she encounters. That choice leads Sara to more than one unlikely reunion.


Narrator – Mike Howorun

Sara – Greta Carew-Johns

Noah – Brady Roberts

The Sandhed – Chantal Perron

Voice – Tina Jane

Alan – Adam Kozlick

Soldier 6 – Patrick Gerber

Herald – Ali Karr

Cult Members – Audience at Denver Fan Expo 2022

Editing and Sound Design – Matthew Hall & Mike Howorun

Post Production Producer - Rob Johnston

Written by – Mike Howorun

Directed by Mike Howorun and Matthew Hall

Produced by Matthew Hall, Brady Roberts, Mike Howorun, Dila Velazquez

Created by Mike Howorun & Brady Roberts


Instagram: @escapingdenver

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