ERAVE365 Live DJ Sets Podcast - Episode 70 - JvD (Album Launch: Stargazer, Chapter 1)


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Episode 70 sees the return of JvD, this time with a very special album release podcast.
13 Tracks created by JvD over the last 12 months, to bring us the first outing of his album...
Stargazer, Chapter 1
So kick back and enjoy:
Track list:
1. Sirius
2 Antares
3. Arcturus
4. Rigel
5. Vega
6. Pollux
7. Canopus
8. Alnitak
9. Stargazer (Cosmic Dub)
10. Capella
11. Manor (JvD Remix)
12. Deneb
13. Music is The Answer (JvD Remix(

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