#155: What Makes You Come Alive? The Power of Work & Home Environment (Red Lodge, MT)


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Episode from Rock Creek in Red Lodge, MT.

What makes you come alive?

Where makes you come alive?

How it made me feel jumping in the frigid Rock Creek in Red Lodge, MT.






Physically present

Emotionally present

Spiritually present

Soul filling

What events, activities, environments are soul-filling for you?

Have you ever had a soul-filling experience before?

When / where do you lose track of time & space?

Do you have a particular chair that you feel better / different in?

A particular pen you enjoy writing with the most?

A particular outfit that makes you feel the best?

Is there a certain time of day that brings the best out of you?

Is there a particular room of the house that brings the best out of you?

What foods bring the best out of you?

What beverages bring the best out of you?

What people brings the best out of you?

How intentional are you with what brings the best out of you?

What makes your family come alive?

What makes your children come alive?

Visit / Travel to different areas around the country to see how you respond / react in each environment.

Start paying attention to how you feel in different environments.

Where do you do your deepest thinking?

Where do you do your best work?

When are you the most creative?

This will be a great exercise to increase your self-awareness & self-management.

What environments could help you become world class at?

What colors bring the best out of you?

How can you bring the best out of others?

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