EQ for Entrepreneurs


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Hey Entrepreneur & Leader, did you know that Emotional Intelligence is the New Secret Sauce Strategy?! EQ for Entrepreneurs is specifically for business owners & leaders who are honest enough to admit that they just might be the ones holding their business back & who are brave enough to change that. Research is showing that your Emotional Quotient (also known as Emotional Intelligence) is a bigger indicator of success than your IQ, your education & your experience. In each episode, your hosts, Noble & Kathy, offer practical, candid, and often humorous clarity for the modern entrepreneur who is brave enough to do the most uncomfortable work they’ll ever do in their business: changing THEMSELF! Interviews with other business owners help you see how EQ can transform the way you lead, do business and live your life. Husband & wife team, Noble & Kathy Gibbens, have been entrepreneurs for over two decades & have been involved in over 10 different start-up businesses. After hitting a frustrating invisible wall in their businesses & personal lives, they started learning about & growing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). What they learned transformed them from the inside out, and is having the same affect on their businesses. They’re sharing the breakthroughs here.

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