Trent McConaghy: Ocean Protocol – AI & the Data NFT Marketplace (V4)


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From technological breakthrough to philosophical defiance, the topic of AI has always sparked intense debates ever since Alan Turing & John McCarthy advanced this branch of computer science. One might argue that this was caused by expectations overwhelmingly surpassing technological capabilities. However, the recent public release of ChatGPT has rekindled former sci-fi apocalyptical scenarios, even if it is (still) just a trained language model. Humanity gazed in awe as a simple input/output text interface could instantly disrupt fields such as software engineering or copywriting. Worst part? It also challenged (arguably) the most important human-specific trait: creativity (Midjourney). Data is the lifeblood of AI as it increases the model’s prediction accuracy: larger input sample translates into more outputs that help fine-tune weights during back-propagation cycles (the model ‘learns’).

We were joined by Trent McConaghy, founder & CTO at Ocean Protocol, to discuss the advantages of implementing blockchain (& NFT) technology in data management and trading, what makes a particular data set valuable and what challenges derive from AI implementations and the data digital gold rush.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Trent’s AI background & founding Ocean
  • The evolution of Ocean Protocol
  • Managing third-party access to data NFTs
  • Minting data NFTs & their metadata
  • Discovering & verifying data quality
  • AI generated data sets & intellectual property
  • Ocean marketplace user base
  • Data farming
  • Data curation & veOcean rewards

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