Paul Frambot: Morpho Labs – Peer-to-Peer DeFi Lending Protocol


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DeFi lending protocols operate accordingly to their smart contracts and are perfect examples of ‘Code is law’, even if some recent exploits have not quite abided to this harsh truth. From well established protocols to degenerate DeFi farms with astronomic APYs, they all mainly use liquidity pools. Morpho Labs proposes a peer-to-peer approach that operates on top of another protocol’s liquidity pool (i.e. Aave, Compound), offering better rates for lenders as well as borrowers.

We were joined by Paul Frambot, co-founder and CEO of Morpho Labs, to discuss about the benefits and challenges that arise from a peer-to-peer lender-borrower matching system and what failsafes are in place.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Paul’s background and diving into DeFi
  • Founding and funding Morpho
  • The concept behind Morpho
  • Improving lending & borrowing APYs
  • How lenders and borrowers are matched
  • Managing gas fees in a P2P setting
  • Securing collateral in peer matches
  • Sharing liquidity with Aave and Compound
  • Morpho token economy
  • Managing liquidations
  • User experience & integrations
  • Morpho’s business model
  • Future roadmap

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