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When we reviewed Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Unlimited Love” back in April, we could never have imagined they’d release ANOTHER double album just a few short months later. But what does “Return of the Dream Canteen” say about the current state of RHCP? Is RHCP’s onslaught of double albums in 2022 (their first in more than 15 years with John Frusciante) a sign of creative reinvigoration or stale laziness?

That’s what Matt and Zach discuss in the latest episode of “Am I Missing Something?,” a podcast where we analyze popular or unpopular bands, albums, songs or music trends in an attempt to figure out what we seem to be “missing.” The goal isn’t to ridicule, but rather to gain a better understanding of what a majority of fans see or don’t see in something that Matt and Zach simply can’t wrap their heads around.

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And hear our original album review of “Unlimited Love”:

Also hear us revisit the band’s classic album “Californication”:

Also hear us discuss why RHCP’s last album with Frusciante, “Stadium Arcadium”, was one of 2006’s best:

And watch Matt show off a jukebox vinyl single of "Soul to Squeeze" he got off eBay:

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