The Surprising Psychology Behind Risk Taking with Bobby DeMars


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Bobby Demars is the Founder of Blind Barrels - a blind whiskey tasting subscription, the first to create disruption of the industry’s current distribution model by showcasing American craft distilleries.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. Find a place to park your problems. Address yourself why you’re stressed. Are you chasing what others want to see in you or what you want to see in yourself? Comparison is the death of joy.

2. Redefine your success. Check in on how you feel and the people around you feel. That should be the benchmark of your success. It’s the happiness you create for others and for yourself.

3. Overcoming obstacles is difficult. Managing it with your mindset before you take the risk will allow you to deal with these ideas, obstacles, and stresses that automatically come with your business.

Check out Bobby’s website - Blind Barrels


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