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John Highley is the creator of the Marketing Savage movement with 10,000 clients worldwide. #1 best-selling author of his book titled Marketing Savage. He is an owner of 5 companies, a loving husband, and father.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. If what you desire is not emotional and does not move you as you write your dream life down, then it’s not going to work and emotionally move you to do the work on a daily basis.

2. When you hit a wall, it will allow you to lean into the darkness. You need to look into what emotion is evoking this and use it as a moment to correct that, and throw your entire thought against that.

3. There’s 2 ways to live life, just like love and lust. Love and lust seem alike, but one of them lasts for eternity and the other one is here today and gone tomorrow. You need to build your life through what’s going to last forever.

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