How to Turn Your Instagram into a Money Making Machine with Zach Benson


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Zach is the Founder of Assistagram, an Instagram growth agency that has helped influencers and Fortune 500 companies accrue millions of new followers on Instagram. Dubbed “the influencer’s secret weapon” by Entrepreneur Magazine, he founded Assistagram to empower influencers such as Les Brown, John Lee Dumas, Russell Brunson, and companies such as ClickFunnels to connect with their target audience and cut through the noise. Throughout his career, Zach has shared stages with powerhouse speakers such as Tony Robbins, Sylvester Stallone, Grant Cardone, Daymond John, and Gary V.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. The fastest way to set up your Instagram account is to acquire an account already within your niche.

2. You can track if you are on the right path by using hashtags and optimizing your Instagram profile.

3. Use Instagram Analytics to determine the types of posts that give you more engagement and followers.

Grow Your Instagram Presence - Assistagram


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