Non-Food Franchising is En Fuego with Jon Ostenson


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Jon Ostenson is a top 1% Franchise Broker, Owner/Investor, and Author of the book 'Non-Food Franchising'. He draws on his experience as a former Inc. 500 Franchise President and Multi-Brand Franchisee in serving his clients. He is a frequent contributor on Franchising for Forbes, Inc., and The Franchise Journal.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. We've never seen so much interest in business ownership and alternative investment opportunities as we've seen over the past two to three years and it's only getting stronger. It really is across the board.

2. These non-food businesses, they're cash flowing, they're Amazon resistant in many cases pandemic resistant or recession resistant. That's what's attracting people.

3. A lot of businesses in different industries are getting into franchising and finding there's just a lot of benefits to scaling through that path and it's certainly not right for everyone, but for a lot of businesses, it is.

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