NEW YEAR'S REVOLUTION! 2021 Worker Militancy in Review! | Thinking Out Loud


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In this episode of his "Thinking Out Loud" series, Double D recaps 2021 as a year of working class militancy, as workers walkout, go on strike, and join unions in unprecedented numbers.
Double D points to a National Labor Review Board (NLRB) ruling, that forces Amazon to inform their employees about their labor organizing rights, calling the ruling a "cherry-on-top" for a year of working class rebellion. He notes that some one million workers will receive information on their labor rights, quoting that the NLRB now has precedent to sue Amazon if they do not follow the ruling.
Double D notes that while this victory is small, it is only one of many battles working class people have won over the status quo in 2021; noting millions walking off the job, hundreds of union drive efforts, and more than 1,700 recorded work stoppages from March 2020 to November 2021.
Double D goes on to examine an awakening working class, recapping the fifteen years since the 2008 crash; which has seen an emerging class consciousness which had been all but stamped out through the Red Scare and Cold War hysteria.
Double D suggests that after a long hibernation the left is beginning to reemerge, noting that the setbacks and sluggish progress are the reality of having to rebuild a movement from the ground up.
Double D ends the video on an empowered tone, claiming that we have seen more working class insurgency in the last couple of years, than we have in the last few decades. He examines a rising Triumvirate, which consists of an awakened labor movement, a newly charged leftist politique, and a growing number of politicians who are giving voice to anti-capitalist sentiment; noting that it was this sort of Triumvirate which brought America The New Deal.

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