Special Episode: Guess Our Enneagram Types: A Marriage Mystery


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Have you ever been told you’re good at guessing the types of others? Do you like hearing stories about couples who have gone the distance together? Today's episode is full of fun, family stories and forgiveness in marriage and is all for you as you get to try to figure out the mystery. What are this couple's types? Join us as Christa talks with Sears and Alisa Taylor on their surprising trek from fast-paced architecture life in the Windy City to farm-to-table life in Yuma AZ, where they homeschool their six kids and work out their version of happily ever after! Share your guess for their types for a chance to win our trifecta contest, a PDF mystery game of your choice, 2 PDF's of Alisa's gorgeous prints, and a hard copy of Christa's Just Your Type workbook as well!

Alisa’s art website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlisaTaylorDesign

Contest https://www.instagram.com/enneagramandmarriage/?hl=en

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