Jay Stringer on Healing Sexual Brokenness in Marriage


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This week's interview with Jay Stringer, author of Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing, may be a truly life-changing episode for individuals or couples dealing with the ongoing cycle of addiction and destructive sexual behaviors. Get ready to embrace the opportunity to let your past story teach you about what it is you're truly looking for in the act of every destructive cyclical behavior, as well as how to find freedom from its grasp. Continue plunging the depths with Christa this week as she discusses Jay's programs as well as the excellent 40 Day Enneagram Daily Reflections Series edited by Suzanne Stabile and highlighting diverse authors published by InterVarsity Press (See coupon code for the Enneagram series below)! All links from today's episode below.

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Your link to Jay's book, Unwanted: ttps://jay-stringer.com/


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