Current Events 6 | Why the George Floyd Murder Case Isn’t As Clear As You May Think


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On the 6th episode of Current Events, Al goes over the latest news regarding the George Floyd murder case. On May 25th, 2020 George Floyd tragically died after an encounter with police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A video in which this encounter was captured spread around the world and sparked riots in many cities across the United States. Derek Chauvin was seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck and has been charged with murder. It seems like an easy “guilty” verdict, right? Well, it might not be as clear as you may think.

What actually are the legal charges in this case? What consequences could Derek Chauvin be facing? Why may the prosecutors be facing an uphill battle? We’ll examine these and other questions in this episode of Current Events!

Here are the key vocabulary:
George Floyd
Derek Chauvin
judicial system
to kneel
to charge someone
criminal case
civil case
to flail
prosecuting attorney
societal reckoning
second-degree murder
third-degree murder
second-degree manslaughter
to take the stand
establishment media
to acquit
beyond a reasonable doubt
excited delirium
to be greenlit

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Articles used in this episode:

Derek Chauvin’s trial in death of George Floyd begins with showing jurors video of his final moments

Daily Wire:
No, The Derek Chauvin Trial Isn’t A Referendum On American Racism

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